Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Cuban opposition leader and medical doctor observes 49th birthday in a Cuban prison

Observing the birthday of Eduardo Cardet, a Cuban prisoner of conscience

Eduardo Cardet Concepción, national coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement

Eduardo Cardet Concepción was born in Cuba forty nine years ago on October 25, 1968. The Castro dictatorship had already been in power over nine years. He has spent the last eleven months arbitrarily detained in a Cuban prison. Cardet, a medical doctor, husband and father of two has been jailed for his nonviolent activism generally and specifically for giving an honest assessment of the life and legacy of Fidel Castro. Eduardo Cardet is the national coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement. [His predecessor, Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas, met with a suspicious death along with  Harold Cepero Escalante on July 22, 2012.]

Following Castro's November 25, 2016 death, Cardet explained to a foreign journalist that "Castro was a very controversial man, very much hated and rejected by our people." On November 30, 2016 when he returned home to Cuba he was beaten up in front of his wife and children by Cuban state security and jailed. Amnesty International has recognized him as a prisoner of conscience. Today he turned 49 years old behind bars for speaking truth to power and November 30, 2017 will mark one year of unjust imprisonment.

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