Saturday, March 17, 2018

Update on Cuban prisoner of conscience Eduardo Cardet: health worsening, not being provided religious assistance

One year and three months unjustly imprisoned, Eduardo Cardet, finds his health worsening and not being provided religious assistance following a brutal attack on December 19, 2017.

Cuban prisoner of conscience Eduardo Cardet Concepción
 Yesterday the Christian Liberation Movement, a democratic opposition movement based in Cuba, posted in an update on the condition of their imprisoned national coordinator Dr. Eduardo Cardet. He is an Amnesty International prisoner of conscience who has been subjected to brutal beatings and attacks by regime officials and prison inmates (most likely on orders of prison officials). Dr. Cardet, who is also a medical doctor, husband, and father of two faces a worsening health situation, according to his wife, Dr. Yaimaris Vecino who visited him on March 16, 2018, with a poor prognosis and due to bureaucratic hurdles from both the Catholic Church and the Castro regime is not receiving religious attendance. 

"Eduardo was severely beaten in prison while being held with his hands tied."

Update 03/16 The state of health of #EduardoCardet worsens. His wife, Dr. Yaimaris Vecino (who visited him today) reports that his asthma is worsening as well as another illness that does not have a good prognosis.

On the other hand, Eduardo only receives evasions from the authorities when he tries to find out the status of his prison situation. [He is being housed with the same prisoners who brutally beat him and repeatedly stabbed him with a sharp object on December 19, 2017.]

Update 03/14 Eduardo Cardet with intense asthma attacks.

Update 03/07 Eduardo Cardet with health problems due to worsening of his asthma

On March 8, 2018 Cubanet reported that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights had issued precautionary measures for Eduardo Cardet and on February 12, 2018 requested information from the State on what had happened with a span of five days of not receiving any response to date."
Due to the events, the IACHR has requested that the Cuban Government "adopt the necessary measures to guarantee the life and personal integrity of Mr. Eduardo Cardet Concepción" and that he "have adequate medical access, according to his needs," according to the memorandum that has been sent to the Cuban authorities.

The text also requests that the Cuban government "arrange the measures to be implemented with the beneficiary (Cardet) and his representatives", as well as "report on the actions taken in order to investigate the alleged facts that led to the adoption of this resolution and thus avoid its repetition."

The Commission "requests the Government of Cuba to report, within a period of 15 days, counted as of the date of this resolution, on the adoption of the required precautionary measures and update said information periodically."
On another front the Christian Liberation Movement reported on March 6, 2018 of the bureaucratic hurdles encountered by Eduardo Cardet to receive religious assistance.
Religious assistance in prison to Eduardo Cardet, leader of the Christian Liberation Movement, pending bureaucratic procedures  

Religious assistance to Eduardo Cardet in prison, pending bureaucratic procedures of the Church and later, whatever the regime decides.

The family of Eduardo Cardet is still waiting to receive the form of Penitentiary Pastoral to take it to the jail where Eduardo Cardet is unjustly held, that he must fill out and deliver it to the "re-educator." 

Once this procedure is completed, the authorization for a priest to visit Eduardo would depend on what state security decides, because even though Cardet is convicted of a common crime, his case is "attended" directly by the officer of state security who detained him and beat him up. Eduardo has been in prison for a year and three months We hope that, God willing, the first phase of this religious-bureaucratic process will be streamlined as much as possible.

As for the regime, as one would expect, we continue demanding his immediate release.


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