Monday, December 31, 2018

Not one more year of dictatorship in Cuba: Let this be the year of liberation

Let them be heard

In English it reads "not one more year for Cuba

Over different social media platforms the campaign Not 1 More year of dictatorship in Cuba was launched. Cubans inside and outside of the island are calling for an end to dictatorship in Cuba.

At the same time the lackeys of the dictatorship are clear. Sixty and more years of dictatorship is what they desire, while insulting those who dissent as ill born. This is what the "president"of Cuba Miguel Diaz Canel tweeted on December 28, 2018.

"60 and more [years] of Cuban Revolution even if it hurts and troubles you. I vote yes."
Yesterday morning the tweet included an attack claiming that there is no lack of the "ill born by error in Cuba, who can be worse than the enemy that attacks her." Ironically, it better describes the last sixty years of the Castro regime attacking a free Cuba.

Let the voices of the democratic resistance and the communist dictatorship be heard, and in the battle of ideas the Castro regime will lose. This is why they outlaw all speech that dissents from the official line, and lock up those who exercise their fundamental human rights.

Those who think that the regime will gradually democratize should wake up. The words of Diaz-Canel are clear and so are the actions of the Castro regime over the past 60 years.

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