Wednesday, February 6, 2019

A Tale of Two Tweets: Why 80% of Venezuelans want Nicolas Maduro and the Castro regime to go away.

Two tweets explain why Nicolas Maduro and the Castro regime are detested in Venezuela.

(Left) Tons of aid blocked from Venezuelans. (Right) Tons of aid sent by Maduro to Cuba
Venezuelans are going hungry and moderate to severe malnutrition of children under five is increasing in the country. To add insult to injury the response of the Maduro regime is to block aide entering Venezuela, and condition assistance to political support. Blocking humanitarian aid has been going on for some time. At the same time the Maduro regime is exporting humanitarian assistance to Cuba while their own people literally starve. Two tweets set 48 hours apart dramatize this reality. This is why 80% of Venezuelans want him gone.

On  February 4, 2018 Maduro shipped 100 tons of aid to Cuba while Venezuelan children are dying of hunger  and on February 6, 2018 Maduro, once again, orders humanitarian shipments of aid to be blocked from entering Venezuela.

This is Cuban imperialism in Latin America. Not that the Castro regime helps Cubans in need.
This is why Castro puppet and usurper, Nicolas Maduro, and the Cuban occupation force must go.

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  1. No+ Castro-Canel-comunista en América latina y el caribe NO+ Violaciones a LOS DERECHOS HUMANOS No+ Hambre ABAJO el imperialismo Castro-Canel-comunista