Sunday, November 18, 2012

Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter Featured on 2SER's Razors Edge

Interview with journalist based in Sydney, Australia about Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter and some of the more recent entries with reference to crackdown in Cuba and the overall human rights situation there.

Castro regime arrests human rights activists

In Cuba last week, 37 nonviolent protesters, among them journalists and intellectuals, were arrested by authorities in Cuba for lobbying the government to ratify United Nations Human Rights protocols.

John Suarez, a human rights activist based in Miami, Florida, has for the past four years run a blog called “Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter”.

Having previously worked with the UN Human Rights Council, he is passionate about highlighting the human rights issues in his country of descent, from which he has been barred from entering since he was a child.

Reporter Eliza Goetze spoke to him about the recent arrests, the international climate and the current situation in Cuba.

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