Monday, March 3, 2014

A Resistance Manifesto for Venezuela by the Patriotic Student and Peoples Council


 March 3, 2014

Manifesto of Mérida 

Students have unified the nation around the conquest of the Freedom of Venezuela. For that reason the Castro-communist regime with paramilitary groups and the National Guard have killed, tortured and imprisoned colleagues throughout the national territory. The people have joined us: its libertarian spirit has awakened before the oppression of 15 years of this political system. In virtue of this historic moment, we hold before the country the following position in a manner that is convincing, honorable and indispensable, against those who want to dominate us and their collaborators:

1) Every political system is effective to the extent that their leaders are representative: the people in the street have shown that today that has ceased to be. In this sense, they are asking us to dialogue after 15 years of oppression. We do not want the peace of slaves: we are free Venezuelans. No dialogue is possible with a crony and totalitarian regime, which seeks to make us dependent. Freedom is not for sale . We will not legitimize a regime that has impoverished the majority of Venezuelans. The dialogue roundtables of 2004, in which Jimmy Carter and Cesar Gaviria were, demonstrated that there are not good intentions. Such regimes are inefficient: they purposely destroy Nations to control them better. We will not dialogue to perpetuate in power the worse
Venezuelans. Any possibility of dialogue for us is imperatively conditioned, for a root change of the system.

2) We demand
as patriots the withdrawal of the entire Cuban military occupation force . We want them to leave our territory, all the functionaries in our institutions because they represent, with their interference in our internal affairs, a threat to the security of the Nation . We want a sovereign Nation.

3) We will conquer our freedom. Individual freedom. Economic freedom to be able to live by the product of our own efforts. Freedom of speech to inform and express ourselves without any controls by any regime. Political freedom to protest, assemble and organize without it being a crime. Freedom to choose without it signifying a farce. We do not tolerate the controls of this Castro-communist regime nor any other that undermines the values ​​and principles of Venezuelans.

4) We demand the disbanding and disarmament of the paramilitary groups that protect and arm the regime to instill fear among Venezuelans. In this sense, as long as the terrorist attack by these groups continue with impunity, we call on the people to defend itself. We protect ourselves with the "Trenches of Freedom" in our cities and towns, because we will not allow attacks on what is most sacred to us: the family and heritage.

5) We demand the immediate release of all political prisoners , full freedom for those who were detained and the return of all exiles.


This is the moment to define our destiny. Our national identity is being tested and we have sensitized the world to our courage. There is no possibility of real change if we do not arrive to the end: therefore, it is prohibited to lose. We will win, and with the people reestablish the nation as the freest on the continent. In memory of our fallen we will not give up. It's time to rewrite the history of Venezuela and sign it with the sweat of our efforts.

Therefore , that from today March 2, 2014 from the trenches of the Freedom of the City of Mérida, we declare constituted the PATRIOTIC STUDENT AND PEOPLES COUNCIL ( JPEP ) in order to restore Freedom and Sovereignty to Venezuela, at a meeting of student leaders, youth and popular fighters of the country, subscribe the undersigned,

Freedom or nothing.

Official account of the Patriotic Council: @jpep2014

Anzoátegui: Eduardo Bittar, Marialvic Olivares, José Petete, Johan Infante, Juan Ibor.

Apure: Alberto Mogollón.

Barinas: Luis Octavio Rivas.

Bolívar: Samuel Petit, Ligia Bolívar, Rafael Tirado, Jonás Díaz.

Carabobo: Julio Cesar Rivas, Gustavo Galea, Lorent Saleh, Carlos Graffe, Ivan Uzcátegui, Rita Roa, Sabrina Cruces, Alfredo Stelling, Dimitry Belov, Marco Bozo, Francisco Abreu, Ángel Morales, Hermogenes López, Patricia Salamanca, Betania Bermejo, Angel Morales, Gabriela Suniaga, Freymar Torres, Luis Rodríguez, Daniel Coronel, Rina Rivas.

Caracas: Roderick Navarro, Francisco Márquez, Juan Flores,  Juan Requesens,  Josmir Gutiérrez, Ana Karina García, Javier González, Juan Carlos Apitz, José Javier Martínez, Guillermo Prieto, Pavel Quintero.

Lara: Jorge López, Luis Soteldo, Álvaro Avendaño, Iraiby Rodríguez, Raúl Rodríguez, Gabriel Lugo, Guillermo Osorno, Xavier Aldana, Tobias Alvarado.

Mérida: Gaby Arellano Villca Fernández, Liliana Guerrero, Aimara Rivas, Guido Mercado, Diego Rimer, Eloi Araujo, José Pozo, Rafael Chinchilla, Jackson Durán, Alirio Arroyo, Fabiana Santamaría, Rómulo Canelón, Nilver Torres, Miguel Gómez, Gina Rodríguez, Carlos Velasco, Antonio Intriago, Charly Aponte, Carlos Ramírez, Augusto García,  Edgar Osuna, Jorge Arellano, Jean Paul Méndez, Carlos Velázquez, Antonio Indriago, Alfredo Ocanto.

Monagas: Miguel Meneses

Portuguesa: Víctor Uribe.

Sucre: Eduardo Roque.

Táchira: José Vicente García, Wilmer Zabaleta, Leonardo Montilla, Reinaldo Manrique, Miguel Ochoa, José Aguilar, Carlos Maldonado

Trujillo: Gabriel Boscán, Elsi Guillén, Jairo Villa, Luis Borrero, Ronald Flores, Gabriel Pérez, Andrea Bracamonte, Jesús Rubio.

Zulia: Yorman Barilla, Eduardo Fernandez, Juan Urdaneta, Victor Ruz, Luis Diaz.

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