Thursday, September 8, 2016

Update on Sirley Ávila León

Good news and bad news

Sirley Ávila León back in Cuba
Communications were blocked and delayed. This generated a call to action on behalf of  Sirley Ávila León from this blog and over twitter. The phone system in Cuba is run by the dictatorship and has demonstrated that it can block certain numbers and texts from being reached. Thanks to an alternative channel of communication she was able to make contact. However the messages were delayed for several hours, only arriving this morning.

Sirley Ávila León was able to get to Las Tunas and found that her home is being occupied by others, and she is currently staying at her mother's home in the same city. According to Sirley,
neighbors have been intimidated by the political police and her attackers have been threatening her family to "finish the job they started" in the first attack. That attack was carried out by Osmany Carrión, and his wife on May 24, 2015, who appear to have been directed by the political police.

Thanks to all those who have raised awareness on her plight and ask that the vigilance be maintained. Cuba Decide published a message on Instagram from Sirley a few days before she left, and below is her statement from yesterday.

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