Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Update on attacks against Americans in Cuba: 19 American tourists suffered "mild brain trauma."

The mystery deepens and the Castro regime's denials continue. 

Attacks took place at the Capri Hotel in Havana, Cuba
Castro officials are complaining about a drop in tourism to Cuba.  They seek to blame the Trump Administration and Hurricane Irma, but deny that 24 American diplomats were seriously harmed in what U.S. officials have called attacks. Furthermore, according to The Miami Herald, 19 American tourists have suffered "mild brain trauma" during  their visits to the communist island, and the regime response is denial .

This reality that 33 Americans, both diplomats and visiting tourists, have suffered "mild brain trauma" and some of the attacks took place in hotels. What sane person wants to risk brain damage in the tropical equivalent of North Korea?

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