Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Milada Horáková: Film about a powerful woman who faced a death sentence for her democractic convictions

Film on the life of the Czech Democratic icon Milada Horáková is now screening on Netflix

Biopic of the life of Milada Horáková now on Netflix
Wrote about this Czech democrat back in 2014, and her refusal to go along with the political show trial organized against her. She had been a member of the Czech resistance to the Nazi occupation of her homeland and survived a Nazi prison. After Czechoslovakia was liberated from the Nazis in 1945 by the Soviets she became a member of parliament in 1946 but resigned her seat after the Communist coup of 1948. However she refused to abandon her country. Sixty eight years after Milada Horakova addressed the court in the final day of her show trial on June 8, 1950 her words ring true and strong:

"I have declared to the State Police that I remain faithful to my convictions, and that the reason I remain faithful to them is because I adhere to the ideas, the opinions and the beliefs of those who are figures of authority to me. And among them are two people who remain the most important figures to me, two people who made an enormous impression on me throughout my life. Those people are Tomas Garrigue Masaryk and Eduard Benes. And I want to say something to those who were also inspired by those two men when forming their own convictions and their own ideas. I want to say this: no-one in this country should be made to die for their beliefs. And no-one should go to prison for them."
Her life story was brought to big screen last year and since January 12, 2018 has been available on Netflix. Below is an English trailer for this important film.


  1. I watched the movie last night. Milada was a woman of courage and integrity: A true role model and an inspiration.

    1. Thank you! Please spread the news of this to others.