Thursday, March 2, 2017

Send a message to the Castro regime: Free Eduardo Cardet!

 Update: Cuban prisoner of conscience to be subjected to show trial tomorrow in Cuba. 

Eduardo Cardet Concepción, jailed since November 30, 2017, goes on trial
Update #2: Trial began at 9:30am and at 1:07pm the Christian Liberation Movement tweeted a statement by Eduardo Cardet's wife, Yaimaris Vecino, who stated the following:
"The witnesses for the prosecution were inconsistent, it was clear that they had not been there."

"The prosecutor remained inflexible in his request for a 3-year sentence."

"The defense lawyer made a good defense and asked for the acquittal, in my opinion the witnesses for the defense demonstrated the innocence of Eduardo"

"Sentencing will be on March 20th."
Update #1: Christian Liberation Movement reported over twitter on 3/3/17 at 9:49am: Trial against begins, arrived guarded by 7 Ministry of the Interior agents. Zone taken by rapid response brigades. 

The Christian Liberation Movement has announced that the trial against their national coordinator, Eduardo Cardet, will be held tomorrow morning in Gibara, Cuba. Eduardo's family and MCL members are finding it difficult to get to the trial because some drivers refuse out of fear and others take advantage of the situation and ask for exorbitant fares.

It is important to recall that there is no independent judiciary in Cuba and this is a political show trial whose outcome is already determined. The only way to change it is for there to be a public outcry both inside and outside of Cuba.

Amnesty International has recognized that Eduardo Cardet is a prisoner of conscience but it would help to raise attention for him in these hours prior to the trial. Eduardo is a medical physician, family men and a man of faith.

Therefore I plead with you to use the hashtags #FreeEduardoCardet #LibertadParaEduardoCardet and share it over all your social media platforms and encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same.

Eduardo is in prison and has suffered brutal beatings by Castro's secret police for having the courage to give a critical assessment of Fidel Castro when the old dictator died to the international media while traveling abroad.
“There are few people in the streets, and lots of police presence. Lots of controls and restrictions. Castro was a man hated and rejected by the Cuban people.”
He was beaten up and jailed on November 30, 2017 when he returned home to Cuba. Please help him, his wife and two children to get him back home.

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