Monday, May 8, 2017

Rosa Maria Paya returned to Cuba today, May 8, 2017 under a climate of repression

Alert: arrest of Cuba Decide coordinators prior to the arrival of Rosa Maria Paya in Havana Cuba. 

Rosa Maria Payá on her way to Havana this morning.
Today May 8, 2017, Cuba Decide's coordinators: Sayli Navarro, Iván Hernández Carrillo and Félix Navarro Rodríguez had been arrested by police security agents and police. Arbitrary arrests occurred early in the morning as they headed to the Jose Marti International Airport to welcome the Cuban Decide promoter Rosa Maria Payá.
Rosa Maria returned to Havana as part of her work for the campaign which aims to bring about the Binding Plebiscite.  The people arrested include: Sayli Navarro and her father Felix Navarro at 5:30am in Perico, Matanzas and Iván Hernández Carrillo at 5:00am in Colon, Matanzas.

They were on their way to Havana to wait at the airport for the arrival of Rosa Maria Payá in order to work on Cuba Decide. Before the news of the recent arrests and in what appears to be an offensive against the organizers of Cuba Decide. 

Rosa Maria still decided to continue her trip and landed in Havana today at 10:45 am and was subjected to a thorough search and interrogation before being allowed to leave the airport.

At 12:40pm Sayli Navarro reported over twitter that she and her dad had just been freed, but that Iván was still being held.

Iván Hernández Carrillo tweeted at 5:09pm that he had been held in detention for nine hours beginning at 4:30am at the police headquarters in  Colón, Matanzas. In a second tweet at 5:10pm Ivan reported that Félix Navarro and his daughter Sayli were arrested in Perico, Matanzas at 5:15am and freed seven hours later at 12:20pm.

Please follow them on social media for future updates: @RosaMariaPaya @SayliNavarro @felixncuba @ivanlibre

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