Saturday, December 23, 2017

State Security blocks family of Christian Liberation Movement leader from visiting him in prison after beating.

State Security prevents family visiting Eduardo Cardet, they do not know his real physical state

Yaimaris Vecino, Eduardo Cardet and their two sons

By Christian Liberation Movement

Testimony of Yaimaris Vecino, wife of Eduardo Cardet

According to the law, today Eduardo is entitled to a visit of at least 5 minutes due to his transfer to a new prison.

Today we, his mother, sister, a nephew and me, went to see him.

However, state security official Evelio Moreira Domínguez gave an order to prevent the visit. This is the [same] officer who detained Eduardo [on November 30, 2016] when I saw him hit [my husband] and put his fingers into his eyes the day of his arrest.

On the other hand, the director of the "Cuba Sí" prison told Eduardo's sister that he had a blow to the forehead from the assault of an inmate with a psychiatric disorder, a version that contradicts what my husband told me by telephone, that he had been assaulted by several prisoners.

We are very worried because we do not know his real physical state.

This ends the testimony of Yaimaris.

If Eduardo is unjustly convicted of a supposedly common crime, why does the state security agent who detained him continue to decide about his situation?

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