Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rosa Maria Payá denounces death threats against her and her family.

Rosa Maria Payá holds the Cuban government responsible for whatever may happen to her and her family.

Rosa Maria Payá with Professor Jaime Suchlicki at the University of Miami
“Since the death of my father… it’s been much more evident. It is as is if they want us to know: From chasing my oldest brother while dressed in uniform so that both he and neighbors would see them; to calling at 4am asking for me, terrorizing my grandmother and aunt; to chasing my mother and me while we were leaving Havana creating a state of siege while waiting for the bus. The latest that has taken place, really has me very worried, was a call to the home of my family that says directly, we are going to kill you. This is the same kind of threat made to my father over many years of his life that became more frequent prior to his death. Therefore, yes, I fear for the lives and physical integrity of my family and I hold the government responsible for their physical safety and also for the safety of members of our movement and of the opposition.” … Rosa Maria Payá, April 12, 2013 at the University of Miami.

Above statement is a translated excerpt taken from the video below which is in Spanish.

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