Saturday, June 29, 2013

What was not seen on Venezuelan television today

Mass nonviolent protest march for academic freedom and autonomy 

RCTV_CONTIGO: What you did NOT see on TV
First learned of this march in Venezuela on June 25, 2013  via the twitter feed of María Corina Machado an opposition member of the National Assembly who explained it in 140 characters that: "Great National March in defense of the FREE, PLURAL, DEMOCRATIC, and AUTONOMOUS UNIVERSITY Saturday 29 at 10am."

Photo from Maria Corina Machado's twitter

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans went out to march for academic autonomy and freedom in their universities. It was a remarkable demonstration of civic solidarity and resistance.

The Maduro government had called for a counter march by regime supporters in an effort to disrupt the opposition march and generate violent clashes. He failed. The opposition was able to take counter-measures and maintain its nonviolent discipline in the defense of freedom. 

Opposition activist, Roderick Navarro responded over twitter that "The "countermarch" is a sign of weakness that is so evident" and in a previous tweet said: "Don't ask me to be nice to Madurisms fanatics: who I insulted only with indifference! This regime won't last forever."

Roderick concluded on Saturday night, after the march and countermarch, over twitter: "Day of deep reflection, analysis and decision making for the future..."

As was done in Cuba over a half century ago the Maduro government is trying to do away with independent universities.

All eyes on Venezuela. The freedom of Venezuelans hang in the balance.

Photo from Maria Corina Machado's twitter

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