Friday, August 9, 2013

Hunger Strike for Human Rights in the Bahamas: An Update

Jesus Alexis Gomez 22 days and Ramon Saul Sanchez 15 days on hunger strike protesting mistreatment of migrants in the Bahamas. 

Jesús Aléxis Gómez (Day 22 on hunger strike)

 The demands have not been met and the hunger strike continues. After 22 days Jesús Aléxis looks gaunt and his face emaciated but he remains determined to carry on his protest. Ramon Saul seems in better shape but as a diabetic undergoing a hunger strike is a precarious exercise.

Ramon Saul Sanchez (Day

Meanwhile this week the hunger strike garnered greater attention in the international media and at the same time Bahamian officials went to Cuba to meet with their Cuban counterparts.

All eyes on a small tent in Little Havana on South West 8th Street and 13th Avenue where two men are putting all on the line for the rights of undocumented migrants in the Bahamas, and if you're the praying type - please say a prayer for them.

 Listen to their demands here below.

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