Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jorge Luis García Pérez "Antúnez" still needs your help ( An update )

"I refuse to abide by any law or regulation that may co-opt the free exercise of my rights as a citizen of my right as a free person."-  Jorge Luís García Pérez “Antúnez” June 25, 2014

Antúnez and Yris Tamara Pérez Aguilera at UM in 2013

Jorge Luís García Pérez “Antúnez” is back home with his wife and fellow activist, Yris Tamara Pérez Aguilera, and under house arrest awaiting a trial for civic unrest with no set date as of yet. The fact that he is as home is not due to Cuban law. The "law" in Cuba is a code that is observed or ignored based on the arbitrary whims of the dictatorship. 

Antúnez and Yris are back home because of the unexpected attention and support surrounding their arbitrary detention and the regime's inability to break Jorge Luis's spirit using choke holds, beatings, and unknown substance injected into his system. His future will be determined not by the law but the political calculations of the dictatorship. Therefore the two petitions launched last week one in Spanish directed at the Castro regime and another in English directed at international figures to pressure the dictatorship need to be maintained and supported

Antúnez in a conversation with the Cuban Democratic Directorate on July 25, 2014 explained how things stand:
“Right now I am processed with the File # 651 of 2014 of the Criminal Processing and Instruction Unit of Villa Clara. I am being instructed by Joaquín Piedra León. According to the document whose faculties are conferred by Article 27 of the Criminal Procedure Act and the prosecutor who accuses me, or placed this measure is Daylí Carrazana Rodríguez. This is a document duly signed and also stamped 
Jorge Luís is not backing down. He explained his position very plainly in the same June 25, 2014 conversation:
"I've always said, will say, hold and maintain that I refuse to abide by any law or regulation that may co-opt the free exercise of my rights as a citizen of my right as a free person. That is why I reserve the right when I deem appropriate and strategic to give an answer to this situation. According to them, I have to ask permission to move from Placetas and to travel to places outside of Placetas; they must be places like hospitals. I know this is nothing but a crude maneuver, primarily for closing me off, to suffocate, to handcuff my movements, to stop the work being done by the Resistance Front at this moment.
Since they refuse to be silenced by intimidation and torture their lives remain in danger. The best ways to protect them is to demand accountability on the violence visited against them and to continue to demand that a transparent and international investigations into suspicious deaths like those of Oswaldo José Payá Sardiñas and Harold Cepero Escalante.

On this occasion the dictatorship in Havana misjudged the reaction inside and outside of Cuba to the violence and terror visited on this courageous couple.

Meanwhile the door and lock to their home remains smashed up as can be seen in the above video were Yris relates what happened on the morning of June 11, 2014 at around 6:00am when state security agents kicked down their door and took them both away.

Circumstances of the second arrest
They had been released on the morning of Friday, June 13, 2014 only to be arrested again on the evening of Sunday June 15, 2014 when they were out walking together and came across a homeless man laying in the middle of a public road who was not receiving attention from the authorities. Protesting that the regime expended resources having them followed at the time that it would ignore someone in distress collapsed in the middle of the street. 

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