Saturday, June 4, 2016

Obama legacy project continues: Freeing a Castro spy to pardon a cop killer?

Compromising U.S. national security as a legacy project continues

Ana Belen Montes and Joanne Chesimard
 At the 2015 Washington Correspondents' Dinner President Obama announced jokingly that his New Policy List Rhymes With 'Bucket List.' Unfortunately his initiatives in Cuba included releasing on December 17, 2014 three Cuban spies, one of which was convicted of murder conspiracy in an act of state terrorism that claimed four American lives. This is no joking matter.

New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster
The news emerging today of the United States possibly trading Ana Belen Montes, a high ranking Pentagon official who spied for the Castro regime for 17 years before being arrested in 2001, for cop killer and fugitive Joanne Chesimard a.k.a Assata Shakur. Chesimard shot and killed Werner Foerster, a 34-year-old state trooper with his own gun in 1973.

Victim of Montes's spying Gregory A. Fronius
According to spycatcher Chris Simmons who played a role in the capture of Ana Belen Montes she was responsible for at least the deaths of 65 soldiers, including a U.S. green beret Gregory A. Fronius in 1987.

If the deal goes through and cop killer Joanne Chesimard is brought to the United States then you can expect her to receive a presidential pardon before President Obama leaves the White House on January 20, 2017.

Two items on the list that rhymes with 'bucket list' that seems more self serving than it does defending the just interests of the United States.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Gregory A. Fronius, the other soldiers killed, and for the New Jersey State Trooper killed by Joanne Chesimard.

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