Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Speech by Panamanian Ambassador Guillermo Cochez to the OAS about the state of Latin America

Discurso del Embajador de Panamá Guillermo Cochez ante la OEA sobre lo que sucede en América Latina

The opening remarks by the Ambassador Cochez are priceless:

Thank you very much Mr. President. Some of these interventions reminds me of an anecdote from my student days at univesity. Where they asked what would be the reaction of a right winger, a Christian Democrat, and a communist to his wife's infidelity: the right winger would beat her up; that the Christian Democrat would sit down with her and say to her "my love try not to have this happen again", and the communist would go look for some rocks and throw them at the Embassy of the United States. This in reality appears to be what happens with a few of my colleagues.

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