Saturday, August 11, 2018

Extrajudicial killing in Cuba: 46-year old badly beaten by members of Castro's Revolutionary National Police dies

Extrajudicial killing in Cuba

Jorge Luis García Pérez (better known as “Antúnez”) reported over Facebook the extrajudicial killing of Alejandro Pupo Echemendía, a 46 year old Cuban national by the Revolutionary National Police on August 9, 2018. Antúnez also posted the testimony of Elizama Mujica Cabrera, the wife of the victim.
On the night of this Thursday, August 9, the walls of the cells of the police unit in Placetas, Villa Clara, were sprayed with the innocent blood of 46-year-old Alejandro Pupo Echemendía, who died as a result of the beating of clubs. batons, blows of night sticks, kicks, thrown to the ground that gave him the police there, while Pupo Echemendia convulsed product of a nervous breakdown that he suffered as a result of being the victim of an unfair accusation.

This moving testimony is from his wife Elizama Mujica Cabrera given within a few hours of the horrendous crime. In the next few hours we will publish important proofs of the murder, such as images and testimonies during the funeral, and the most shocking still, the overwhelming testimony given to us by one of the people who claimed to have witnessed the events, that is, from having seen how, when, why and who murdered Alejandro Pupo Echemendía.
Photos show Alejandro's body covered in bruises and eyewitness accounts hold the agents of the Castro regime responsible.

Below is another photo revealing the physical harm visited on Alejandro Pupo Echemendía by regime officials.

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