Thursday, January 31, 2019

Solidarity with Cubans impacted by the tornado that hit Havana

If you can help then please help.

When there have been natural disasters in the past in Cuba, Cuban Americans have stepped up to help. Now is no different. A tornado devastated parts of Havana, Cuba this week and there is an effort underway to get aide to those impacted.

Things that are needed: clothes (used or new), light sweaters, tennis shoes, sandals, soap, deodorant, tooth brushes, tooth paste, underwear, bed sheets, bedding, blankets,  package detergent, powdered milk (packages not cans),  instant soup (packages not cans or cups),  instant mashed potatoes (packages not cans or cups), packages of gelatin, instant pudding packages, medicine, triple antibiotic cream, antibiotics, anti-nausea medications, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, etc.

There are five locations above across South Florida where you can go to drop off supplies and donations to the island.

Hialeah Gardens
3174 W 76th Street

1675 W 49th Street

Westland Mall
10801 Sunset Drive

North Miami Beach
1678 NE Miami Gardens Drive

3496 Red Road

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