Saturday, September 18, 2021

Arbitrarily detained 68-year old Cuban dissident with Covid-19 on day 26 of hunger strike

We fear for his life, and demand his freedom.

Felix Navarro Rodriguez (age 68) jailed for inquiring about detainees has been on hunger strike 26 days

Dr. Omar Vento tonight demanded the release of Cuban dissident Félix Navarro who is unjustly imprisoned, tortured, ill, and has been on hunger strike for 26 days.
In poor health, his life is in danger and Dr. Vento holds the Castro regime responsible for what may happen to him.

68-year-old Felix Navarro Rodriguez was arrested and charged with public disorder while inquiring about detainees the day after the protests in the city of Matanzas, 55 miles east of Havana. 

Mr. Navarro Rodriguez is a Cuban human rights defender, and the Castro regime does not recognize that category as legal. Protesting his unjust imprisonment,  Felix initiated a hunger strike on August 23rd and has maintained it to the present day. On September 11th he was weighing in at 132 pounds

He is a husband and father.

Felix Navarro with his daughter Sayli

On September 17, 2021 the State Department spokesperson tweeted about his concern for Felix Navarro.

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