Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Take two minutes during the Amnesty Concert and save a Cuban musician

Gorki faces 10 years in prison for his political lyrics
Tonight the world over human rights defenders and music lovers are following the #AmnestyConcert in New York City where Madonna and members of Pussy Riot will be participating. Down south past Key West in Havana, Cuba a punk rocker, Gorki Luis Águila Carrasco, who defended the members of Pussy Riot when they were locked up in a Russian prison faces a trial next Tuesday at 8:30am and faces a 10 year prison sentence. There is a petition circulating calling for his immediate freedom. Please demonstrate your solidarity and sign it.

While enjoying the concert take 2 minutes and help save a musician
The Cuban punk rocker who is facing a summary trial for his powerful political lyrics that is being disguised by the Cuban government as a trial for a common crime involving drugs. Looking at the details, the government's case falls apart. Gorki is an epileptic and a doctor has prescribed medication. All of this is backed up by the prescription itself and the notarized letter by the physician. Unfortunately, in Cuba a fair trial is an impossibility but international attention and pressure can still save the day. Below is a video from Gorki explaining the need for solidarity and the danger that he faces. The video is in Spanish but beneath it is an English translation of what he is saying.

Hello, my name is Gorki Águila, the leader of the band Porno para Ricardo, I’m here doing this video because I want to call for the solidarity of all people who want to help me this time.

The regime is trying to link me to a common crime. I have been an opponent of the regime for a long time. They don’t miss the opportunity to try link us and discredit us in common crimes in order to silence us in some way. They are going to hold a trial on the 11th of February at 8:30am in Marianao in the hall of a trial. It is a summary trial. It is a trial that I believe is profoundly unjust because the defense does not have access to the case files of the prosecution. These types of trials are customarily done in totalitarian countries. They are extremely fast trials done in a series and are fabricated and decided beforehand.

That’s why I appeal to all who want to show their solidarity because this can be very dangerous for me since they always want to find ways to jail me.

Another thing I wanted to say to you is that - - well, I’m an optimistic man and solely through the solidarity of all of you that we can achieve things like this that the regime not commit this injustice.
Thank you very much. Hopefully we’ll achieve it.
Below is one of the videos that has drawn the Cuban government's ire. Produced one year ago it recalls the largest anti-government protests during the Castro era with the August 5, 1994 Maleconazo were thousands of Cubans took to the streets shouting freedom and were met with massive repression and the only option was to leave the country.

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