Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gustavo Cerati: Gracias Totales ( Thanks Totally)

"To be able to say 'goodbye' is to grow." — Gustavo Cerati (lyric from Adiós)

Photo from Sony Music released over twitter today
Early today the news arrived from his family that Gustavo Cerati had passed away at the age of 55. On 14 May 2010, Cerati suffered a stroke after a concert in Caracas, Venezuela during his Fuerza Natural tour and never recovered consciousness. A month later in downtown Miami Luis Alberto Spinetta dedicated his concert to Gustavo Cerati. Seven months later he announced he had lung cancer and passed away on February 8, 2012. 

"El Flaco" and Gus jamming on stage
One imagines that "El Flaco" and Gus will be jamming in the afterlife as they did he here on Earth.

Gustavo Cerati and his legacy are a treasure for the world that emerged from Argentina that will live on in his music and the countless rock bands that he inspired. Fourteen studio albums and four live albums ensure that his music will be heard for generations to come.

In Argentinatwo days of national mourning were officially decreed for Cerati's passing.

In December of 2007 had the opportunity to see him twice in concert at the American Airlines Arena during the Soda Stereo tour. If one had the opportunity to be there they could only say "gracias totales" in English that translates to "thanks totally." A great musician, song writer, and rock n roll front man Gustavo Cerati has and will continue to be greatly missed.

There are two important links to Miami. Never forgetting that Soda Stereo is the iconic rock band of Argentina and Latin America. However, one should also remember that the group's most popular album ( considered one of the best albums in the history of Latin rock) Canción Animal was made in Miami, Florida at Criteria Studios. in 1996 Soda Stereo also recorded an unplugged album for MTV in Miami titled "Comfort y Música Para Volar".

A big regret is not having been able to attend the Fuerza Natural concert on May 7, 2010 which was the last time Gustavo Cerati performed in Miami. Listening to his music through out the day with sadness for him and his family and at the same time with gratitude for the music he made for the world:

Gracias totales Gustavo Cerati! En paz descanse. 

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