Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cuban American attorney killed in Cuba last week while visiting family

Details still murky
Albert Romero killed in Cuba
Tampa Bay Times is reporting that Alberto Romero (age 39), a Tampa based marital and family law attorney, was killed in Cuba while visiting extended family last week either on Thursday night or Friday morning. Below is an excerpt of the statement made by the deceased attorney's family:
"The family of Alberto Romero is privately grieving the loss of their loved one as more details are being sought and the circumstances of this tragedy are being investigated," a written statement from the family said. "At this profoundly sad time, the Romero family respectfully requests privacy as they surround themselves with family, loved ones and close friends."
Miriam Mason, a former co-worker and friend said a close family friend whom Romero referred to as a cousin also was killed. According to the press account the family has limited information about the circumstances of Romero's death, but has been working with U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor's office to secure the return of Romero's body so his family can plan a memorial service.

Martí Noticias obtained additional information and reports that the crime took place on Thursday, January 8th and that the name of the second victim is Hector Mario Cruz Naranjo, originally of Sancti Spíritus and resident of Marianao in Havana.

The home were the two victims were found is located on 4th street between 13 & 15 in Vedado in Havana. It is a rental home and before had been the property of Eduardo Barreeiro, a Spanish businessman.

Martí Noticias spoke with an aunt of Cruz Naranjo, Blanca Cruz  who lives in Miami. She said that her nephew was a couturier and attended to Romero when he rented in Havana during his visits to cuba.  The aunt suggests that the motive may have been robbery because "nothing was left" in the room.

The victims were found after a friend of Cruz Navarro tried to communicate with him and would not respond to his calls. Shortly afterwards the owner of the home went to the room rented by Romero and found the crime scene. The two men were tied up, beaten, stabbed and in the case of the Cuban American atttorney one hand was severed according to the source. Martí Noticias obtained a copy of the death certificate.

Cuba is a travel destination that has an under reported record of tourists murdered or gone missing.

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