Friday, January 9, 2015

Cuban Democratic Directorate: Releases of political prisoners initiated in Cuba

"This political prisoner goes out to fight for the rest who remain imprisoned" - Iván Fernández Depestre
Out of Jail: Iván Fernández Depestre
Cuba, January 8, 2015. Cuban Democratic Directorate. Iván Fernández Depestre, Cuban prisoner of conscience and Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Civic Resistance Front activist, was released from prison on January 8 in the afternoon at the start of the releases of some political prisoners in Cuba as a result of bilateral negotiations between the United States and the Castro dictatorship.

"I was told I was being transferred to another province but was released. I want to thank all those who fought so much for me that they did not fight in vain and they are part of this success. I want to send a message to the world that I feel very proud to have the support that I have and to have so many people who care for me. And that this political (prisoner) goes out to continue fighting for the other political prisoners who remained jailed. Long live free Cuba!” expressed Fernández Depestre by telephone to the Cuban Democratic Directorate moments after arriving home.

Three other political prisoners were released in the center of the country, according to Belkis Toledo Rodríguez, activist of the Cuban Reflection Movement who reported from Santa Clara that Jorge Ramírez Calderón, Hanoi Almeida Pérez and José Lino Ascencio López were released.

Recognized by Amnesty International and Ai Weiwei
 From the East of Cuba, José Daniel Ferrer García, representative of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) informed the Directorate that five political prisoners from Santiago de Cuba had been released: Bianco and Diango Vargas Martín, Enrique Figuerola Miranda, Ernesto Roberto Riverías Ton and Lázaro Romero Hurtado.

"They are being released on parole, in one of those tricks of infamy that they have accustomed us to. They put on the sheet of paper that they were released on condition of good behavior; when they came denying them any kind of benefit because according to the State Security jailers they had behaved very badly by also protesting within the prisons. What is most important remains to be resolved, it is for this that we fight, ending the arbitrary legal order that gives rise to so many innocent people going to prison, the lack of independence of powers of the state of Cuba that is the largest factory of prisoners of conscience, " said García Ferrer.

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