Monday, May 11, 2015

Rosa María Payá returns to Cuba to place flowers on her martyred father's tomb

My return to Cuba. ..." I do not hate you, but you are not going to dominate me by fear." - Oswaldo Payá

Rosa Maria arrives in Cuba (Photo by Ivan Hernandez Carrillo)
Rosa María Payá returned to Cuba today to place flowers on her martyred father's tomb. Before she left she made a simple request of people of good will around the world over twitter that can provide some protection: "Join me in my return to Havana. Please share this video." Below is the video with English subtitles that outlines what is at stake. She is also asking to express messages of support through social media using the hashtag #UnaFlorParaPaya ( #AFlowerForPaya)

Why is it important to help her?

Because in returning to Cuba her life is in danger. She and her family left Cuba following death threats and what appears to have been the extra-judicial killing of her dad and one of her best friends, Harold Cepero, on July 22, 2012 in an act orchestrated by Cuban state security. The Payá family, the Christian Liberation Movement and world leaders have called for an international and transparent investigation into their deaths. She is also calling on the United States government to include the subject of Oswaldo's and Harold's deaths on the agenda in its conversations with the Cuban government.

Some more context:

Rosa's dad, Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas, founded the Christian Liberation Movement on September 8, 1988 with the idea of giving Cubans the possibility of choosing who will govern them. Twenty seven years later the struggle still continues, the movement and the cause endure. This terrifies the dictatorship that has held on to power for the past 56 years eliminating even nonviolent threats to its monopoly rule.

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