Sunday, September 4, 2016

Conservative International Youth united with Venezuelans desiring change

IYDU stands united with millions of Venezuelans who demand change.

Below is an excerpt from his September 4, 2016 statement:

By now you have seen the incredible images from Caracas as hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans marched peacefully against the oppressive Maduro regime and the failure of their repressive socialist agenda. IYDU stands united with the millions of Venezuelans and the majority of the National Assembly who demand change. For those who simply wish to live in a free and democratic society.

Let's be clear: Venezuela is falling a part. Food is scarce, medicine is unavailable, and the National Assembly has been eliminated from democratic process. But, the Maduro regime still ignores the people and continues the widespread corrupt government practices that has brought this once prosperous nation to its knees. And, once again, the regime has resorted to jailing political opponents in a vain attempt to silence their opposition.

Opposition leader Daniel Ceballos of the political party Voluntad Popular (Popular Will) has been sent back to prison following a year of house arrest after his 2014 arrest. Similarly, two other Popular Will activists Carlos Melo and Yon Goicoechea were also arrested last week in the lead up to the protests. Not to mention, Leopoldo López, the most prominent Venezuelan political prisoner, has remained imprisoned.

The must end. Venezuelans deserve better.

In freedom,

Jason F. Emert, Esq.
International Young Democrat Union

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