Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Two Cuban Political Prisoners: Ariel Ruiz is free on parole but Eduardo Cardet remains in prison, isolated, and in poor health

Update on two Cuban prisoners of conscience

Ariel Ruiz Urquiola and  Eduardo Cardet Concepción

Reuters reports that the Castro regime has freed Ariel Ruiz Urquiola on parole from his unjust imprisonment in Cuba. He had engaged in a hunger and thirst strike placing his life at risk. A hunger and thirst strike is a brutal protest that will leave the health of the striker scarred. I pray that Ariel was freed in time and makes a full recovery.

Sadly Dr. Eduardo Cardet Concepción remains jailed in Cuba. He is also a prisoner of conscience. Furthermore he may be suffering from cancer. Regime officials refuse to tell him, or his loved ones, the medical test results following an examination of a possible malignant tumor or allow him to receive visitors. He was also stabbed in prison in late December 2017 in an attack engineered by regime agents. He has been unjustly imprisoned since November 30, 2016.

Last week the U.S. State Department called for the freedom of Ariel Ruiz Urquiola, Dr. Eduardo Cardet, and the rest of Cuba's political prisoners.

Amnesty International recognized both as prisoners of conscience and continues to campaign for the release of Dr. Eduardo Cardet. Amnesty has also denounced that Dr. Eduardo Cardet's family has been denied visits to see him.
There are at least 120 identified political prisoners in Cuba. The Cuban Commission of Human Rights and National Reconciliation reported in June 2018 that there were 120 political prisoners in Cuba with some the longest serving in the Western Hemisphere. Twenty one of them have served between 15 and 27 years in prison.This does not take into account the far larger number of Cubans arrested for social dangerousness.

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