Friday, December 7, 2012

Former prisoners of conscience released after arbitrary detention

Following a night in jail, former prisoners of conscience tweet about their detention and release

Librado Linares (left) and Ivan Hernandez Carillo (right) freed
First the good news, Sayli Navarro, the daughter who tweeted last night about her father's arbitrary detention at the hands of  State Security, along with three other activists, has her dad back home tonight.

Unfortunately, the news from the detained activists is not so good. Prison conditions continue to be poor, and nonviolent activists like themselves are housed in the same cell with murderers. Cubans are still being arrested and thrown into those same cells solely for trying to leave Cuba without the dictatorship's permission which in the regime's penal code is called "illegal exit" and runs afoul of international human rights standards, specifically Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Librado Linares over twitter reported: 

Felix Navarro, Ivan Hernandez Carillo, Guillermo Fariñas and I arrested in Matanzas for 24 hours after campaign meeting For Another Cuba.  

Ivan Hernandez Carillo offered a detail break down of what had taken place from his detention until being taken handcuffed to the point of his release from custody at 11:27am:

Just released, they have left me standing in a thicket in the middle of the highway that connects Matanzas with Limonar. They seized (stole) all that I brought with me: copies of El Nuevo Herald, literature, my phone book & news photocopies When they took the phone, they had the audacity to erase many of the phone numbers in my contacts. I was locked up in 1 cell with 7 more where we didn't know whether it was day or night.All was wet, closed & with 1 bulb. Among those who they locked me up with was one of the criminals who murdered and burned a young car rental driver near Perico. In the cell also had 2 other Cubans imprisoned for "illegal exit" which had three days before attempted to escape. Felix Navarro remains detained, Librado Linares was released same as Guillermo Fariñas, Fariñas hasn't arrived home

Felix Navarro, Sayli Navarro, Sonia Generosa Álvarez Campillo,
Sayli Navarro reported a short time later that:

They bring Felix Navarro handcuffed to Penas Altas and leave him abandoned there. By God's will four brothers arrested last night were freed. I APPRECIATE the concern of ALL and the support Congrats! :) 
My father @felixncuba just arrived home in Perico. @IvanLibre goes on to Colon. We'll continue struggling for another Cuba

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