Monday, December 17, 2012

Regime agents brutalize 60 year old woman activist in Cuba

At 12:11pm today, December 17, 2012,  independent journalist and civic activist, Ivan Hernandez Carillo, began to tweet photos of disturbing images of Marina Montes Piñón, a 60 year old woman and long time opposition activist, who had been badly beaten by regime agents on December 15 in Cuba. Ivan reported over twitter on how she ended up in such a state. Independent journalist Juan Carlos Linares Balmaseda initially broke the story, disclosing the assault on Marina Montes Piñón and Ivan got the word out through the twitterverse.

Marina Montes Piñón: Assaulted by Regime Agents on 12/15/12

That is how the regime's State Security left opposition activist Marina Montes Piñón this past December 15.

Three deep wounds in the skull and a hematoma in the right eye made by Gisela Espinosa to opposition activist Marina Montes

Marina Montes Piñon has been a member of the November 30th Party, Leonor Perez Mothers Committee, CAPPF and is an active member of: "Those who do not shut up"

With a blunt object, Gisela Espinosa, came from State Security and attacked opposition activist Marina Montes Piñón who is 60 years old.

Almost 30 stitches in total for deep wounds in skull given to Marina Montes Piñón by a State Security  sponsored attack.

New violent attack orchestrated by political police and State Security against another regime opponent:  Marina Montes Piñón.

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