Friday, March 29, 2013

Danish student studying Spanish in Cuba gunned down

Joachim Løvschall shot to death by Cuban soldier in Havana
Joachim Løvschall, a Danish student studying Spanish at the University of Havana gunned down by an AK-47 wielding Cuban guard as he walked home on the evening of March 29,1997. The body remained hidden for days. The shooter was never identified. Ten years after his son's extrajudicial execution, Christian Løvschall spoke at a parallel forum in Geneva Switzerland about what had happened.

Sixteen years later he is not forgotten. Friends and family remember and honor this young man on Facebook. He was born on December 8, 1970 and was extra-judicially executed sixteen years ago on March 29, 1997 and those responsible in the Cuban regime have not been held accountable.

He should have celebrated his 42nd birthday back in December, but thanks to the arbitrary cruelty of Cuba's state security apparatus he perished at age 26.

Today, a prayer in his memory and for his family who still miss him.

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