Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oswaldo Paya’s daughter addresses UN Human Rights Council

 On March 12, 2013 at the United Nations Human Rights Council the Castro regime with some of the other of the worse human rights violators of the world tried to censor this two minute speech. What where they afraid of? Read on and you be the judge. 

Rosa Maria Payá at the United Nations Human Rights Council
 Rosa Maria Payá, daughter of late Cuban dissident Oswaldo Payá, took the floor today at the UN Human Rights Council and presented an appeal by 46 public figures calling for an inquiry into her father's suspicious death in July. Organized by UN Watch. Full story here. UN Watch has a transcript of the presentation along with the interruptions. Below we offer the text without them.

Thank you, Mr. President.

My name is Rosa Maria Payá, of the Christian Liberation Movement and
daughter of its national coordinator Oswaldo Payá, opposition leader and Sakharov Prize laureate of the European Parliament.

My father dedicated his life to working for legal and nonviolent
change for Cubans to enjoy all their rights.

He promoted the Varela Project, a referendum supported by over 25,000
citizens, who have defied repression to demand changes in the law that guarantee freedom of expression, association, free elections, freedom of nonviolent political prisoners and the possibility of having private companies.

So far the government has refused to realize this plebiscite and
imprisoned the majority of its leaders.

Yosvani Melchor Rodríguez is 30 years old and has spent three in
prison as punishment because his mother is a member of our movement.

Cuban authorities said my father and Harold Cepero, a youth activist,
died in a traffic accident. But after interviewing the survivors, we confirmed that their deaths were not accidental. The driver of the car told the Washington Post, that they were intentionally rammed from behind. The text messages from the survivors on the day of the event
confirm this.

The Cuban government’s state security calls my family home in Havana
to say: We're going to kill you. They are the same death threats that were made to my father. The physical integrity of all members of my family is the responsibility of the Cuban government.

Today we present an appeal, signed by 46 political leaders and
activists from around the world. We urge the United Nations to launch an independent investigation into the death of my father.

The truth is essential to the process of reconciliation that the
transition to democracy in Cuba needs. We do not seek revenge, we have a right to know:

Who are responsible for the death of my father?

When will there be a response to the demands of human rights of the
people of Cuba to enjoy democracy and basic freedoms?

Thank you, Mr. President.

At 01:11:48 the video begins for this item: 31. United Nations Watch, Rosa Maria Paya - (Point of Order: Cuba, USA, China, Russian Federation, Pakistan, Belarus) 

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