Monday, September 23, 2013

3 NGOs Seriously Address Human Rights Situation in Cuba UPR Session

Three non-governmental organizations: Jubilee, Amnesty International and UN Watch addressed the systematic and pervasive human rights violations in Cuba and the regime's lack of commitment to respecting human rights instruments on Friday, September 20, 2013.

Mr. Matthew Jones, of the Jubilee campaign and Christian Solidarity Worldwide denounced continued repression in the island and the manipulation of the universal periodic review of Cuba by the dictatorship. Andrea Flora, of Amnesty International reported on the fact that six Cuban prisoners of conscience remain in Cuban prisons. Finally, Ms. Yris Perez Aguilera of UN Watch reported on her own case as a victim of multiple beatings who had received death threats and denounced state security agents exposing themselves and threatening to rape her as a method of intimidation. The Ecuadorian ambassador complained about the language of the presentation even though it fell within U.N. standards. Yris's presentation left the next speaker coughing and at a loss for words.
The following is the summary presented by the United Nations Human Rights Council news feed of three critical and realistic appraisals of the human rights situation in Cuba:
Jubilee Campaign highlighted the substantial increase in the violations of freedom of religion and belief in Cuba. For the first time in years, there were multiple reports of violent beating of church leaders in different parts of the country. The Government employed frequent arbitrary detention without charge.
Amnesty International was concerned that journalists and human rights defenders were harassed in Cuba. Amnesty International was disappointed that Cuba could not accept the recommendations on the ratification of various international human rights instruments, as well as those on the death penalty.
United Nations Watch said that human rights defenders and journalists were harassed and faced death threats in Cuba. Cruelty was worse against black people and women. Human rights defenders were held in arbitrary detention.
Unfortunately, the other six organizations that spoke during the session offered platitudes to the dictatorship and failed to provide a critical appraisal.

Below is Yris Tamara Pérez Aguilera's presentation in Spanish.

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