Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cuba: Mother beaten into unconciousness and taken away

Damaris and her young daughter targeted by Castro agents
 In the late morning of October 4, 2013 news arrived over twitter that Damaris Moya Portieles's home was once again under siege, the ninth act of repudiation and fourth invasion of her home in a month, where children and elderly also reside.  The young Cuban mother is also a leader in the Central Opposition Coalition and a regime objective.

It was learned from her mom, Bárbara Moya Portieles, that she had been beaten into a state of unconsciousness and taken away by the political police. Damaris's mom made a statement in which she said, ""Damaris, my daughter, was taken passed out on account of the amount of punches she received. I accuse the Castro government of what might happen to my daughter."

When others nonviolently protested the beating and detention of Damaris they too were taken away.

Witnessing the horrors committed against Damaris Moya Portieles leads many to ask how can they be so bad? How can agents of the Cuban government repeatedly and brutally beat up, and sexually assault a mother while threatening to rape her and her six year old daughter?

The answer is simple. The Castro regime is a communist dictatorship. The implications of this are outlined in The Terror Museum located in Budapest, Hungary. World War II, a conflict that claimed more than 40 million lives around the world was initiated in the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact between Nazi Germany and Communist Russia which contained secret protocols for invading and dividing up Poland.

Communism is an ideology born of class hatred and envy that embraces class struggle i.e, a permanent war between different economic classes of people as legitimate. This world view has led to several acts of genocide around the world committed by communist regimes.

The communist ideological baggage of the Castro regime informs on how bad this dictatorship can become. A communist critique of the communist dictatorship in Cuba by a spokesman of Peru's Shining Path guerrillas was that Castro had failed because he had not killed the 1/3rd of the entire population necessary to achieve a true revolution. The Shining Path spokesman was apparently inspired by the communist Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia.

There should be no surprises or illusions about the need to resist the communist regime or the lengths of the dictatorship to hang on to power. At the same time one must never underestimate the power of the powerless in confronting what is an evil system using truth and nonviolent means.

Damaris is doing her part, are you doing yours?

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