Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Castro regime continues repressing

Labor union condemns mistreatment of Cuban independent labor union activist

Cuban labor union activist Iván Hernández Carrillo
This is the third installment concerning the arbitrary detention, beating and denial of blood pressure medication of Iván Hernández Carrillo on Sunday, July 31, 2016 and his release three days later in the midst of an international campaign for his release revving up.  The statement below was made public by the Union of Social Communication and Cultural Workers and translated to English by this blog.


The Union of Social Communication and Cultural Workers (UTC-CSC in Spanish) reports and expresses its strong condemnation of the aggression suffered by the independent unionist Iván Hernández Carrillo (Twitter), on his return to Cuba after having made a working trip abroad.

Upon calling on the authorities that his luggage be searched in a public manner in the same way as the rest of the travelers, Hernández Carrillo beaten, kicked and dragged before being taken to a police station where he remained detained and incommunicado without being allowed to receive a visit from his mother.

Once again the Castro regime demonstrates its intolerance, repressive character and absolute denial of civil rights with this new act of aggression and arbitrary detention against those who dissent from his dictatorial policy, on this occasion against an independent trade unionist who demands that the right to strike and freedom of contract of Cuban workers, now violated, be respected and rejects that trade unionism lends itself to be a puppet of the system.

Mario Rivadulla, President. 

Antonio Llaca, 
Secretary of Foreign Affairs. 
August 3, 2016.

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