Tuesday, August 9, 2016

#CubaPolicyFail: Castro regimes blames Obama for surge in Cuba migration

Cuban exodus due to Obama embracing Castro regime not any change in migration policy

Seeking a better life outside of Cuba (Al Jazeera)
 The Castro regime on August 7, 2016 made the claim that Cubans fleeing the dictatorship were "victims of the politicization of the migration issue by the US government which stimulates illegal and unsafe immigration."  However there has been no change in U.S. migration policy towards Cuba to explain the surge in migration. What that there has been is the legitimization of the Castro regime by the Obama administration since December 17, 2014, doubled down on with an official visit to Cuba in March and the fear by every day Çubans that this new policy will perpetuate the dictatorship for another generation.

Cubans are fleeing Cuba because they want to be free and be the authors of their own destiny not subject to the whims of the Castro family. This is why so many young people are fleeing the island. Twice before the United States sought to embrace the Castro dictatorship and normalize relations with it at the expense of the freedom of the Cuban people during the Carter and Clinton administrations.  In both cases human rights worsened in Cuba and tens of thousands of Cubans fled the island. The pattern repeats itself again with the Obama administration. As The White House pursued normalization (2014 - 2016) with the Castro regime 114,132 Cubans fled Cuba for the United States and the number is rising.

Meanwhile U.S. bankers met in Havana with the Castro dictatorship's banking officials that have an interesting relationship with medicare fraud and money laundering.

Cubans are many things, but they are not stupid, and they realize that the United States and many countries around the world have embraced the dictatorship abandoning their aspirations for freedom. This is why they are leaving Cuba in mass.

The Castro regime like a broken clock has got it half right. The Obama administration is partially responsible for the surge in migration from Cuba, but the main reason is that the Castro regime has turned Cuba into a hellhole.

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