Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Some good news in the midst of the downward spiral in Cuba

The power of nonviolence and solidarity

Iván Hernández Carrillo released and went to collect his belongings
Friends and family worried that Iván Hernández Carrillo would be facing more days unjustly imprisoned, facing another political show trial felt relief when two tweets back to back at 10:49am and 10:50am gave the news and are translated and joined together below:
"Thanks to all who have demonstrated their solidarity with me in this situation. Apparently they have closed the case in which they wanted to implicate me. Now I am at the airport to pick up my belongings that were taken since Sunday when the Castro regime imprisoned me."
The power of nonviolence and solidarity may not always "work" but it always works. Today it did both with the outpouring of concern and attention this former prisoner of conscience was able to get his belongings and go home.

Amidst this bit of good news one cannot forget the overall downward spiral on human rights in Cuba that leads scores of Cubans to continue to flee the island. At the same time the human rights situation overall in Latin America continues to decline with Nicaragua slipping back into dictatorship and in Venezuela, despite a valiant resistance, the emergence of a Castro-like regime continues with forced labor now being applied to Venezuelan citizens.


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