Monday, December 16, 2019

British Elections 2019: Dodging a Pro-Castro bullet

"Let’s get this thing done – and then let’s get ready to make our case to the country against the fratricidal anti-Semitic Marxists who were in Brighton last week." - Prime Minister Boris Johnson, October 2019
Boris Johnson versus Jeremy Corbyn: Hard Brexit or State Socialism?
Good news for the United Kingdom. Jeremy Corbyn will not be the Prime Minister. Corbyn caught well deserved criticism for praising Fidel Castro upon his death in November 2016. This is part of a larger pro-communist complex that includes support for Maduro in Venezuela, covering for Russia's poisonings, and Assad's gassings. In May 2017, Corbyn defended Karl Marx as a "great economist."

Over two years ago on October 9, 2017 on the TRT World program "The News Makers" I participated in a contentious conversation on US-Cuba relations that ended up turning into a debate that hopefully generated more light than heat on the important subject of the diplomatic crisis taking place between the United States and Cuba. A crisis that involved U.S. diplomats suffering brain damage under circumstances that have yet to be cleared up more than two years later.

My adversary on this program was Robert Miller, director of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign (CSC). The organization's name is a misnomer in reality it should be called the Castro Dictatorship Support Campaign. Douglas Dowell, a self described "liberal-minded social democrat" observed that CSC was a group of "apologists for a repressive dictatorship."

CSC claims that Cuba is a democracy are even more troubling when one takes into account that Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition , and candidate for Prime Minister in 2019, is a long time supporter.

Towards the end of our debate Mr. Miller not only tried to legitimize the Castro dictatorship but also attempted to make the case that North Korea is a democracy.

The choice on election day was between a Hard Brexit and State Socialism in the United Kingdom. The subjects of the United Kingdom voted Conservative and against State Socialism by a landslide.

They dodged a bullet.

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