Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Case of Xiomara Cruz in Cuba: Systemic medical malpractice or a slow motion political murder?

The mystery surrounding Xiomara de las Mercedes Cruz's illness.

Medical mystery? The plight of Xiomara de las Mercedes Cruz
If Cuba is a medical super power as Castro regime apologists claim, then why can it not diagnose and treat what ails Xiomara de las Mercedes Cruz? Over social media today the news about the Lady in White and prisoner of conscience was dire.

According to the Ladies in White today over Twitter, the Lady in White Xiomara Cruz lost consciousness early this morning, is currently in intensive care, and according to the Doctor who took her in, she should be receiving medication intravenously.
Family, friends and activists have reason to be concerned about her plight and that a political agenda is behind her not receiving a correct diagnosis and treatment.

Other Ladies in White accompany Xiomara today at the hospital.
Xiomara was arrested on April 16, 2016 for speaking out during a human rights demonstration in Havana's Central park. She was placed on parole in January of 2018. She was re-arrested in mid-September 2018 under the charge of being "threatening." On September 19, 2018 she was tried and sentenced to one year and four months in prison. She was sent to a prison 400 kilometers from her home. This was an added hardship for her family to visit her, and keep an eye on her well being.

Xiomara was sent to a punishment cell for at least 10 days for speaking to her daughter over the phone.

Over the course of one year in custody of the Castro regime her health radically declined. Rashes that appeared on her body in June 2019 that Cuban medical doctors in Ciego de Ávila claimed to be unable to diagnose. In mid-July she was returned to Havana to La Covadonga hospital

On August 8, 2019 she was transferred to intensive care. Cuban dissident Angel Juan Moya posted videos of interviews from August 6th and August 7th with doctors at the hospital. Family members complained that they are receiving differing diagnoses and her situation continues to worsen. Xiomara was in intensive care and doctors were saying that it could be lung cancer. A doctor refused to update the family saying: "that he did not want to see those people."

There is cause for great concern. Xiomara's condition is deteriorating, and one of the doctors raised the issue of a "political" question. Cuban healthcare has a long history of being subordinated to political considerations. The patient's health is not the top priority.

Tonight, Lady in White Xiomara Cruz is in the infectious diseases ward of the Miguel Enrique Hospital 5th floor, room 4, bed 3, and the doctor who attends her says his name is Dayron. The above statement is based on the information provided by the Ladies in White in the Tweet below.
Xiomara Cruz needs a humanitarian visa to be able to determine and treat what ails her. The medical system in Cuba is either too incompetent or the Castro regime is engaged in a slow motion political murder of this Lady in White.

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