Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Notes of the new Cuban national anthem

Yoani Sanchez raises the following question:

Today I have to ask: How do you sing the anthem mobilized by a people on the net, how do you broadcast this desire for change that I see in every one of the faces around me. Before, it was accomplished with the sound of bugles, galloping horses and some stanzas that summoned the Bayamese to “die for the fatherland”; but now everything is different.
It occurs to me to use kilobytes, to take advantage of the cutting edge of a word that is also sharp and makes precepts grow more durable than the machete. Travel the net, then, the five points of this blog action, like the call to slaughter against control, authoritarianism and censorship:
  • Freedom of opinion
  • Freedom of access to the Internet
  • Freedom to enter and leave Cuba
  • Freedom of association
  • Freedom for prisoners of conscience
  • Freedom for Cuba
I join in this action calling for the freedom of all prisoners of conscience and the return of freedom of association, expression, access to the internet, and the right of Cubans to enter and exit their homeland. In short freedom for Cuba and the people of Cuba from more than a half century of tyranny and 50 years of totalitarian rule.

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