Sunday, December 2, 2012

15-year old young woman stabbed repeatedly for defending Ladies in White

Berenice Héctor González,age 15, following the attack (Diario de Cuba)
Berenice Héctor González, a 15-year old young woman, suffered a knife attack on November 4, 2012 for supporting the women's human rights movement, The Ladies in White. News of the attack only emerged a month later because State Security had threatened the mother that her daughter would suffer the consequences if she made the assault public.

According to Diario de Cuba, the attacker, Dailiana Planchez Torres, is the daughter of a captain of the political police in the town of Cienfuegos. The Cuban Democratic Directorate interviewed Berenice and she offers a breakdown of what happened.

Berenice had asked for Daliana to stop insulting The Ladies in White, of which her aunt, Belkis Felicia Jorrín Morfa, is a member.

As a result, Berenice was repeatedly stabbed in the face, neck, breast and legs.  She received 66 stitches for her injuries.

Berenice Héctor González (Diario de Cuba)

Berenice Héctor González (Diario de Cuba)

Berenice Héctor González (Diario de Cuba)

Her attacker remains free.

People of good will need to denounce this atrocity and demand that Berenice's attacker be held accountable. 

Information and text taken from Capitol Hill Cubans and Uncommon Sense

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