Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Message from Rosa María Payá on International Human Rights Day

Rosa María Payá Acevedo

Text taken from Pedazos de la Isla and reproduced below:

The Christian Liberation Movement (MCL) recorded and released a moving message from Rosa María Payá Acevedo, the young daughter of recently deceased opposition leader Oswaldo José Payá Sardiñas, for International Human Rights Day, celebrated this past December 10th.  Listen to the message by clicking the following audio-link:

(Transcription by of the audio) 

“Today, December 10th 2012, Human Rights Day, I want to draw attention to the Cuban people, who currently suffer from not having those same rights.

Today, Cubans cannot democratically elect their president.

Today, Cubans are discriminated against in their own country based on politics, race, and ideology.

Today, Cubans cannot freely enter and exit Cuba, and hundreds of families suffer while separated.

Today, Cubans suffer from not being able to associate or express themselves freely.

Today, the forces of State Security oppress every person who dares to work for the changes that will bring freedom and well-being to our country.

Today, independent journalist Calixto Ramon Martinez is on his 27th day of hunger strike.

Today, Josvany Melchor has been in prison for nearly 3 years simply because his mother is a pro-democracy activist of the Christian Liberation Movement.

Today, in Cuba, the Spanish citizen Angel Carromero has been jailed for 141 days for a crime he did not commit.

Today, it’s been 141 days since, after many death threats, the conditions in which my father died have not yet been cleared up, nor has it been explained why Harold Cepero was left to die.

Today, we want to remind the Cuban government and the world that Cubans also have the right to have rights because we are human beings, and we will not rest until we get them.

"Freedom and Life”

Rosa María Payá

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