Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Maduro regime agents loot and burn down university building: A New regime strategy in Venezuela?

  "We will take the streets against a government that represses & imprisons students." - Juan Requesens, student leader responding to government violence in Venezuela on May 6, 2014  

Fermin Toro University burned and looted by pro-government collectives last night

 First the Maduro regime in Venezuela arrested and harassed students who protested against insecurity on campus and when that failed to silence protests the Venezuelan government graduated to shooting, killing and torturing unarmed student protesters.

Youth detained in Venezuela for taking part in protests
 Disturbing pattern emerging of shooting unarmed demonstrators, or unarmed people in the vicinity of protests that fall into the age demographic of possible students, in the head. Out of the eight victims shot in the head only Filippo Sevillano, president of the Student Center at the University of Margarita (Unimar) survived and is still in a delicate situation and recovering. In addition to being shot in the head Filippo was also subjected to a campaign of slander by elected officials trying to place the blame on him for being shot in the head.

All unarmed and shot in the head in the vicinity of student protests by regime agents
The Maduro dictatorship again escalated sending Venezuelan state security (Sebin) to raid the homes of students and take them away to detention.

Regime officials searching for students
When that failed to end the protests this dictatorship took the next step which has been to send their agents to burn down university buildings. The infamous collectives (colectivos) looted Fermin Toro University stealing computers and televisions before setting the school building on fire on Monday night.

University building torched by pro-regime collectives

Despite all of this (or because of all this) students at the Catholic University of Andrés Bello in Caracas (UCAB) again took to the street yesterday in nonviolent protests only to be again attacked by pro-government agents who first threw rocks and "other objects" and when that failed to disperse demonstrators began to shoot at the unarmed protesters.  Police observed without interfering.

Human Rights Watch has produced a report that indicates that elements in the Maduro government are engaged in the systematic violation of human rights and that unarmed nonviolent protesters have been shot and killed by government agents.

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