Friday, May 9, 2014

Repression: Nonviolent protester beaten by police hospitalized with internal injuries and handcuffed

Update on the plight of student at Catholic University in Tachira with internal injuries from police assault earlier this week.
Student protester Angelly Pernia badly beaten & cuffed to hospital bed
Angelly Pernia, a student at the Catholic University of Tachira was brutally beaten by Tachira police earlier this week and is suffering from internal bleeding and kidney damage as a result. Her father is also a political prisoner. The Venezuelan human rights organization, Provea, has cataloged her arrest as an arbitrary detention.  
Angelly is in delicate health, product of the beating by Venezuelan officials, and remains handcuffed to her hospital bed. In the video below she denounces being treated like a criminal and that she has been threatened. She fears for her safety.

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