Sunday, October 5, 2014

Repression unleashed in Cuba while the world looks elsewhere

While the world focuses on events in Hong Kong and in the Middle East the dictatorship in Cuba heightens its repression and carries out political show trials with relative impunity.

Cuban rapper faces unjust 7 year prison sentence
 According to Diario de Cuba the trial of Cuban dissident rapper Ángel Yunier Remón Arzuaga (The Critic) and three other activists for the alleged crime of "harming state security", concluded in the Provincial Court of Granma with the prosecution requesting seven years in prisonThe same number of years requested for Alexander Otero, six for  Rubisnel Villavicencio, and five years of house arrest for the Lady in White Yaquelín García Jaen, Martí Noticias reported Yudisbel Roselló, wife of "The Critic."
Sonia Garro and her husband on trial October 21, 2014
 The Castro regime announced it would place Sonia Garro, her husband Ramon A Muñoz and another involved on trial on October 21, 2014 reported  Ivan Hernández Carrillo over twitter on October 3, 2014.

The blog Uncommon Sense reports Cuban prosecutors are seeking a five-year prison sentence for opposition activist Ciro Alexis Casanova Pérez, after he ignored a house arrest and went out on the streets to protest against the Castro dictatorship.

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