Sunday, November 30, 2014

Urgent: Umbrella Movement Under Siege in Hong Kong Needs Your Solidarity

" Communism was not defeated by military force, but by life, by the human spirit, by conscience, by the resistance of Being and man to manipulation." - Vaclav Havel, February 4, 1992
Iconic photo of the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement
 This blog has been following the nonviolent protests in Hong Kong since September 2014 and has called for solidarity with the Umbrella Movement. This blog has also asked the question could something like this happen in Cuba?

Despite the regime in Beijing claiming that Hong Kong is part of China, Hong Kong student leaders were denied the right to travel to Beijing to redress their grievances. Furthermore UK politicians have been refused entry to Hong Kong.

Repression over the past few days has escalated and student leaders have been violently arrested. Tonight we re-affirm the call for solidarity and that attention be paid to the unfolding events in Hong Kong. Thousands of pro-democracy protesters have responded to the repression by surrounding government offices on Sunday and demanding free elections. Above is a live feed of the ongoing protests in Hong Kong please let others know what is happening to the pro-democracy movement there.

Protesters knocked down and beaten by police in Hong Kong (Photo by Kin Cheung AP)

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