Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bitter Harvest: One hundred years of communism and the Ukraine

Remembering Holodomor and the ongoing Russian occupation of Ukraine today

2017 marks the one century mark since the first communist regime took power in Russia and created the Soviet Union. Next month on February 24, 2017 the film Bitter Harvest brings to the big screen one of the great unknown crimes of the 20th Century the Holodomor against the people of Ukraine carried out by Josef Stalin.

According to the website Remembering Holodomor the word itself is based on two Ukrainian words: holod – ‘hunger, starvation,famine,’ and moryty – ‘to induce suffering, to kill’).  This was an act of genocide against the Ukrainian people, committed by the Soviet Communist regime in 1932–33.

The Soviet Union was brought to an end in 1991, but today a former KGB officer rules Russia with an iron fist and with the "flexibility" of the Obama Administration invaded Ukraine and occupied and annexed Crimea in 2014.

Ceasefire Zone tells the story of what happened in Ukraine in 2014 through the eyes of Carlos Gonzalez, a news correspondent there on the ground. He is crowdfunding to complete the documentary.

Past is prologue to the present that also defines the future. The tragic history and present of Ukraine must be remembered, denounced and the continuing plight of the Ukrainian people recognized. 

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