Friday, January 27, 2017

Holocaust Memorial Day 2017: Never Forget and Remain Vigilant

"To forget the victims means to kill them a second time. So I couldn't prevent the first death. I surely must be capable of saving them from a second death." - Elie Wiesel

It happened, therefore it can happen again: this is the core of what we have to say. It can happen, and it can happen everywhere. - Primo Levi, 1986 The Drowned and the Saved 

Holocaust Memorial Day 2017 marks the liberation of Auschwitz 72 years ago today. 

It is a day to remember that whenever we fail to recognize that we are all human beings we risk a repetition of this dark chapter of human history. 

We must never forget what happened and remain vigilant now and in the future.

Below is a video from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on the path that led to the genocide in Germany.

Unfortunately the late Nat Hentoff pointed to another holocaust that we could have stopped in Rwanda in 1994, but the world failed the people of that nation.

Today we maybe witnessing another in Syria targeting religious minorities, including Christians.