Friday, December 22, 2017

MCL holds Castro regime responsible for beating and unjust jailing of its leader Eduardo Cardet

Christian Liberation Movement holds the Cuban regime responsible  for the physical integrity of its leader Eduardo Cardet beaten in prison.
Eduardo Cardet Concepción beaten again and still imprisoned
By Christian Liberation Movement

On December 19th Dr. Eduardo Cardet Concepción, National Coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL) imprisoned unjustly since November 2016, for peacefully demanding changes to the Cuban electoral law, was transferred from the Provincial Prison of Holguín to the infamous prison "El Yaya 'known as "Cuba Si" and located in the detachment # 23 where he resides in a group of around 80 common inmates crammed into 3-story loungers in an area of ​​approximately 15 m long and 5 m wide.

Upon arrival, while accommodating his belongings Dr Cardet was attacked by surprise and from behind by several common criminals who he had never seen before without saying a word some began to beat him brutally with fists and feet to knock him to the ground. Immediately, the aggressors, showing an unusual influence, called the military to remove Eduardo from that detachment, being then assigned to detachment # 20 in the same prison wing of his assailants who are not punished and in same conditions of life as the previous detachment.

The Christian Liberation Movement denounces these serious events, which put in imminent danger the life and physical integrity of a man of peace, a doctor by profession and a nonviolent fighter for the rights of all Cubans, who by his ideas is locked up with criminals without scruples that the regime of Havana uses to frighten its political adversaries in these communist dungeons.

The MCL holds the military junta that governs Cuba responsible for the life and integrity of Dr Eduardo Cardet, a political prisoner declared prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International, and warns each of the intellectual and material actors of these events that our Christian values ​​of loving thy neighbor and of reconciliation between Cubans should not be interpreted as a patent of impunity. 

We call on all institutions, governments and personalities of goodwill to denounce and condemn the cruel and degrading inhuman treatment that since November 2016 the National Coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement has received and to demand, in a deserved act of justice, the immediate and unconditional release of Dr Cardet.

On behalf of M.C.L

Tony Díaz, Secretary General 

Regis Iglesias, Spokesman
Carlos Payá, Representative in Spain

MCL leadership: Regis Iglesias, Tony Díaz Sánchez, Eduardo Cardet


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