Thursday, December 21, 2017

Raul Castro will remain dictator of Cuba in 2018 whether he is called "president" or "party chief"

New boss will be the old boss.

General Raul Castro and his son Colonel Alejandro Castro of the secret police
Raul Castro is trending in the news because it has been announced that he will remain "president" of Cuba until April 2018. He was supposed to be departing office in February 2018, but regardless will be remaining has head of the Communist Party of Cuba. Cuba is a tyrannical dictatorship and titles matter little. Raul Castro will remain in control.

 The question raised by Newsweek is at best naive. Raul Castro has been grooming his son, Alejandro Castro, a colonel in the secret police as a successor. Cuba is a communist dictatorship where dynastic succession, within the Castro family, is reminiscent of another communist dynastic dictatorship, the Kim family in North Korea.

The only question within the context of the dictatorship will be if the Castro family continues to hold the title or place a puppet, for public relations purposes, and continue to run things in Cuba. Real change must come from outside of the regime responding to the miserable reality on the island.

Meanwhile as the international focuses on this non-story inside Cuba repression is ramping up against nonviolent dissidents and their is relatively little press coverage. Cuban artists Tania Bruguera, Luis M Alcantara, Adonis Milan, Yanelis Nuñez and Lia Villares were beaten up and arrested last night in Cuba by the regime's secret police as they attempted to attend the staging of the play Psychosis. As of today reports indicate that Lia Villares and Luis Manuel Otero remain detained with some questions about their whereabouts.

Cuba is a tropical island but the drab grey Stalinism, usually found in colder climates, that drains the life out of vibrant cultures is present within the Castro regime.


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